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WSIB Kit Refills Description


Inspect & Replenish your
WD-09 or WD-10 kit
the easy way!

Use the FAC checklist
and on-line replenishment
order form, or simply order a refill.

Complete refills are available for some of our more popular kits. If your box is intact and clean, you can save time and money by simply purchasing a refill instead of inventorying and ordering products line-by-line. A complete refill is about 2/3 the cost of replenishing the kit item by item — we pass on the labour cost savings to you!

When you get your refill, empty the kit and use an antiseptic wipe or two to clean the box, then simply put the refill products in the box. Discard any of the old product that has been opened or is not in perfect condition. Keep any usable supplies, or take them home!

Note: the smaller WD-08 is in an inexpensive container. It doesn't make sense to refill it, simply order a new kit here.

Each refill contains all the products in the original kit, minus the box.


WD-09 replenishment checklist
6-15 workers

WD-09 Replenishment Checklist

WD-10 replenishment checklist
16-199 workers

WD-10 Replenishment Checklist

WD-09 Refill : $49.95
6-15 workers

WD-10 Refill : $119.95
16-199 workers