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WD-10 Ontario WSIB–compliant First Aid Kit for 16199 employees
Ontario WSIB–compliant First Aid Kit for 1–5 employees. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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The FAC "WD-10" First Aid Kit exceeds all the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act requirements, Regulation 1101, paragraph 10. The Act spells out the MINIMUM First Aid requirements for workplaces employing up to 199 people — what you must have, not what you should have.

FAC First Aid deluxe kits exceed these minimum standard by a large margin. The kits we supply contain First Aid products that we ourselves would put in our own facilities – why should our customers settle for less?
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This kit is designed for an large office, warehouse or plant environment. Please note that WSIB may also require you to have a stretcher and blankets in place.

The WD-10 is also recommended as a general-purpose kit for public venues, construction sites and events.

Price: $139.95

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