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WD- Series Ontario WSIB–compliant First Aid Kits for 1199 employees

Ontario WSIB–compliant First Aid Kits for 1–199 employees.

Ontario's WSIB makes it really simple. It depends on how many employees you have. There are 3 ranges: 1-5 workers, 6-15 workers, and 16-199 workers. If you have more than that, you need to build a First Aid Room. They also have a specific kit for use in vehicles. This is all spelled out in WSIB Regulation 1101 (click to see it here. It opens in a new window).

We have 2 kits for each of these ranges. One is a regular kit that EXACTLY meets the WSIB requirements, but that's missing a lot of stuff you really should have in your kit but that are not required by law (like gloves, a CPR mask, antiseptic wipes, etc.). The other one EXCEEDS the regulations.

The problem with a basic kit is that if you ever open it and take out even one bandaid, you're no longer in compliance. You can compare the contents of the basic and deluxe kits on this page. We pioneered the concept of the "deluxe WSIB Kit" late in the last century and we still make the best one on the market!

So go ahead and click on the button that matches your employee count. You can decide between the basic and the deluxe kits right there. Or use the navigation bar at the top to look through our site.

We deliver from our warehouse in Newmarket by UPS or Purolator in a few days, for a flat $10/shipment. Fast, inexpensive, best quality from an established supplier... what more could you ask?

The FAC motto is, "we sincerely hope you never have to use any of our products." But if you do, we think it's important to have the best quality and the right products there when you need them. We hope you agree... we built our business around this concept!

New! VEHICLE First Aid kit
exceeds WSIB Regulation 1101

WSIB First Aid Kit for 1-5 employees
1 – 5 workers
WSIB First Aid Kit for 6-15 employees
6– 15 workers
WSIB First Aid Kit for 16-199 employees
16 – 199 workers