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FAC First Aid is in the business of providing First Aid Kits and supplies, not training. There are several training companies with whom we've worked and we're pleased to list some of them here.

If you are a First Aid trainer, and you want to be listed on this page, or you want access to our products for your customers, please contact us.

If you're looking for a trainer, here's the beginnings of a list of people we know:


Safety Training Canada Inc.
Attention: Martin McVeigh
905-789-SAFE (7233)


Helping Hearts First Aid & CPR Training
Attention: Terri Mellors RPN


Safety Training Plus
Attention: Shawn Vento
519 576 6740

Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario

First Aid 4 U     FAC Partner
Attention: Neil or Krista
(613) 853-9246


STS Safety Training Seminars
Attention: Nick Bartzis
416 735 7800


Can U Rescue     FAC Partner
Attention: Sheila Grady
905 515 0874

Winnipeg, MB

Urgent Response     FAC Partner
Attention: Tim
(204) 586-7641