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Here's what some of our customers have been saying about us...

This is from Search and Rescue services 'way up in Nunavut: The kits that you put together for us were beyond our expectations; far better than we envisioned. I really appreciate the time that you took to customize them for our unique environment and application, and the speed that you were able to deliver them to us was nothing short of miraculous. Congratulations to you and your staff at FAC First Aid!
Larry Horlick, Nunavut Emergency Management, Government of Nunavut
Canada Post had this to say:

Recognition kits for Canada Post

It would be my pleasure to provide any new client of yours with a raving review! You guyz did a great job and this is information that needs to be shared! By all means, provide my name.
Gail Curran, Advisor, Business Excellence & Capability, Canada Post

(We did some recognition kits for Canada Post in Saskatchewan. Gail was so impressed, she ordered more for Ottawa!)

"Buddy Box" sells first aid kits for dogs.

Buddy Box
FAC First Aid provides the high quality supplies we use in our kits. Since January 2007, Glenn Springer has also provided "high quality" service and has been great to work with. The artwork on the kits with our logo and name is always perfect. They come professionally wrapped and represent the high standards of Buddy Box. Our orders are always done on time and it's convenient to do business with FAC over the internet. We like this company and look forward to doing business with them again. Take care and have a safe day!
Nancy Wysocki, President