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Stretcher Stretcher & Blankets

Canada Labour Code–compliant First Aid Kit for 6–19 employees. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Click on the picture to enlarge it

WSIB Ontario states that you are required to have a stretcher and two First Aid blankets on site, if you have more than 15 employees on site. (Here's a link to the regulations, scroll down to Paragraph 10)

The Canada Labour Code (Occupational Health and Safety Act) says the same thing for more than 19 employees.

FAC First Aid supplies an economical lightweight double fold stretcher made of heavy duty polyethylene sheet with aluminium poles. The double fold version is much easier to store and transport than the single fold one, which about 7' long (213cm) and most companies stand it out of the way behind a door or against a wall.

We can also provide a wooden backboard, accepted by both governing bodies. It's slightly shorter (about 6' or 183cm), it's made of heavy plywood and has several carrying slots or handles. It is wider, of course and doesn't fold.

Both products come with two First Aid blankets. The backboard also comes with 3 straps.


Double Fold Stretcher
with Blankets: $399.95
Backboard with Straps
and Blankets: $349.95