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Bandage Dispenser Cederroth Salvequick Bandage Dispenser

In the theory that a "picture is worth 1000 words", a FLASH® video must be even better. Here are two of them, linked directly from the manufacturer's site:

Using the Dispenser

Refilling the Dispenser

Problem: you go to the First Aid kit for a bandaid and there aren't any. Someone took the whole box and didn't replace it. Or they decided they would take the box of adhesive strips home (happens more often than you would think).

Solution: the innovative Salvequick bandage dispenser from Cederroth.

Problem: you've cut your finger and it's really hard to open that bandaid with one hand

Solution: When you take an adhesive strip out of the dispenser, the sterile plastic covering on half of the adhesive surface stays behind. No taking a supply of these home! And it makes it really easy to apply the bandage with one hand.

The 23cm x 11cm (5x9") dispenser is designed to hang on the wall. It contains 2 refills: one with 40 fabric strips and one with 45 plastic strips. You also get a key to open the dust cover and replace the refill when it's empty. Each refill contains an assortment of adhesive bandages in two sizes.

There are 6 refills in a box so you can tell at a glance when it's time to reorder. This is an outstanding product!


Cederroth Salvequick Dispenser
complete with 85 assorted bandages:
Salvequick Plastic strip
refills: 6 x 45 strips/box
Salvequick Fabric strip
refills: 6 x 40 strips/box