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The law says you have to inspect and refill your First Aid Kit on a regular basis. Makes sense, right? In Ontario, it's at least every 3 months — more often if you have heavy usage. The Canada Labour Code, for government departments, banks and other institutions, says it's monthly.

We're here to make that task easier. Still, someone has to open the kit, inspect and clean it if necessary, and make a note of the missing products so they can be reordered. We've created some web pages to help you. We've listed the products that are supposed to be in our popular kits, and give you the opportunity to order the necessary supplies.

This is a job everyone hates to do, so they put it off. You have to do it, though, if you want to stay within the regulations and, more importantly, if you want to maintain a safe workplace.

We can send you an automatic reminder to do your inspections. If you click the "Reminder" button and give us your email address, we'll only send you a periodic reminder. No advertisements, no spam, nothing else. And you can stop the reminders any time. We promise. So go ahead, set it up then come back here to get the list for your First Aid Kit(s).