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Pocket Kits First Aid Kits make Thoughtful Gifts!
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For people on the go. These kits are great in a backpack, purse, pocket, glove box... anywhere. This is not just a little empty box: these pocket First Aid kits are stuffed full of supplies. The container is approx. 4” x 4” x 1” (108mm x 95mm x32mm)
Here's a list:

12 assorted bandaids
3 antiseptic wipes
1 burn cream sachet
1 ½” tape
2 2” gauze pads
1 1” gauze roll
2 nitrile gloves, large.
1 First Aid Card

These pocket kits are available 5 to a box. For you, for your kids, for your friends... care about the ones you love. Save $1 each by ordering by the box (it will be credited when we process the order).

They also make great promotional giveaways! Ask about having your own logo or message imprinted on the kits!

$7.99 each or
5 kits for $34.95