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These are links to related companies and businesses, interesting and informative sites. We know you will find a ton of interesting information here. If anyone finds any inappropriate links on this page, please let us know! website Glenn Springer, FAC First Aid's President & CEO is a talented and published photographer and photography instructor and mentor. He posts relentlessly to his blog which focuses on "The Sporadic Musings and Compelling Images of Glenn Springer". He has written several eBooks, published photography books, has a gallery of fine art images and writes a weekly column on photography in a Sun Media newspaper. The link at left takes you to his main portal at Please explore!
Humber Motorcycles website Motorcycling was another of Glenn's passions; he taught the Basic and the M2 Exit motorcycle training courses at Humber College for more than a decade. Retired now, he's still in touch with his former colleagues and friends at Humber. This is a link to their website, which incidentally, Glenn designed and produced.