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Ontario WSIB regulation 1101 para. 16 Ontario Vehicles

Ontario WSIB Regulation 1101 paragraph 16 specifies the minimum First Aid Kit requirements for vehicles. Read the regulations here:

These kits are designed for a vehicle carrying up to 5 employees, but if there is any materials handling or production, or if the vehicle services construction sites or travels in remote areas, we suggest that the employer move up to the Paragraph 9 kit.

Kit contents are here. We've also included a "Call Police" banner and an emergency blanket in the deluxe kits, and they contain at least double the products required by law. The BASIC kit meets the regulations exactly... You should still carry other emergency supplies in your vehicle.

FAC offers three kits that comply with those regulations.

the RED HOT deluxe kit is in a slightly larger rugged Cordura woven nylon clamshell case designed to be durable, handle all temperature ranges and to be instantly visible and recognizable in times of emergencies. Both the normal deluxe kit (same contents as the RED HOT) and the basic kit are in plastic containers approx. 210x135x70mm (8"x5"x3").

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Ontario WSIB–compliant First Aid Kit for Vehicles. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
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