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FREE MedCard Wallet-sized Medical Information Card
FAC First Aid FREE Wallet medical information card

We believe that everyone should carry an Emergency Medical Information card in their wallet or purse. Maybe you don't have any allergies or medical conditions that emergency staff should know about, but shouldn't you have something that tells them whom to contact in an emergency, that tells them who your doctor is?

So we created this FREE card for you. All you have to do is open the page by clicking on the "FREE MedCard " logo below. An Adobe Acrobat form (you need version 5 or better to use it) will open in your computer and you fill it out by typing over the information that's there, then print it out, laminate it and put it in your wallet.

We hope that you will NEVER HAVE TO USE IT. But it's good to have if you need it.

You will not be sending any information over the internet. This is all done privately on your own computer.

This is 100% FREE. We won't ask you for your eMail address. We won't put you on any mailing lists. We won't send you any SPAM. We won't collect any information about you. We just want you to know that we're here to help you with your First Aid kits and installations, if you want us to. Please keep us in mind.

Click to create your card
Click to create your card
Didn't work? You need Acrobat 5 Reader or better... Opens in a new window