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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ page. We've covered a number of issues. Please contact us if your concerns are not answered here.

Shipping Policy

We generally use overnight or quick delivery services like UPS or Purolator. We've found them to be reliable and reasonably priced. Occasionally, we might use Canada Post Expedited Parcel, especially if we don't have a physical street address to send to. All of these shipments are traceable.

In Ontario, we charge a flat price of $10 for any shipment, regardless of how big or small it is. We charge $16 elsewhere in Canada. However we reserve the right to review the shipping cost if (a) the destination is a remote community or (b) if the item ordered is at less-than-regular price.

At this time we are not able to ship outside of Canada. US regulations have changed and because we are not a US FDA registered company, we cannot ship into the US. You will have to give us a Canadian shipping address.

POST OFFICE BOXES. The only carrier that can ship to a PO Box is Canada Post. They will not pick up at our location so we have to send a truck to the Post Office. There is a minimum surcharge of $20.00 for this service. If you do not note in the comment field that this what you want, we will contact you to ask if you REALLY meant to give us a PO Box address before we process the shipment. Sometimes we may choose to use Canada Post when it makes sense (remote locations not serviced by UPS or Purolator) and if there is a surcharge, we will let you know.

Picking orders up: You may choose to pick up at our warehouse in Newmarket however we need time to arrange the shipment. It really is no faster than if we ship to you. There is no charge for shipping if you pick up. This does NOT apply to small orders. See below.

You can choose your shipping method on the last page of the shopping cart, before confirming the order. Tell us if you prefer a different shipping method.

Delivery Times

We try to maintain inventory of popular items so that we can ship right away. If we have an item in stock, we can usually ship a couple of days after the order is placed, but if we have to make up the kit(s) we need a bit more time. We generally promise 1 week delivery but we really try hard to do better than that.

We can use a direct courier service in the GTA when needed, but the cost is higher than normal.

Rush Orders

Sometimes customers require First Aid kits in a rush. If you do, you need to talk to us. Customers contact us when there is a special event to be covered, or if they are being audited. We will do our very best to meet your delivery requirements but we reserve the right to apply a surcharge if we need to stop a production line to meet your needs, or work overtime, or make a special trip. We won't do that without contacting you first.

Replenishing Kits

We do NOT come out to our customers' locations and replenish their kits for them. We have some checklists for you to use to help you replenish your kits. Please look in the "replenishment" tab on the navigation menu above.

Payment & Billing

Our standard policy is to use Visa/Mastercard or PayPal for payment. We understand that corporate clients are reluctant to use these vehicles, but we've been burned several times by customers who have owed us money for a long time and some from whom we're having trouble collecting. That means that a few people have ruined it for everyone. And the worst offenders are small organizations and private individuals, so we're sorry, but...

If you are a corporation or larger institutions we'll try to work with you, please contact us directly. However you have to understand that our terms of payment are "DUE ON RECEIPT". That means that that you promise to pay the bill right away. Right away means within a week or so of receiving the shipment.

Our credit card merchant services supplier asks for the CVV number on the credit card and for the Postal Code related to the address your credit card bill goes to. Not necessarily the shipping address: the billing address that Visa or MC has on file for you. So if you're ordering supplies on behalf of a business but using a personal card, we need the address your credit card bill comes to. This is a security measure for your own protection.

Minimum Billing

This is a tough one. It costs the production shop more than $10 just to open an order docket, never mind picking and packing and shipping and labelling and invoicing... lately we've had orders from customers for $2 worth of product. Our mean and nasty accountants insisted that we impose a minimum order size.


Almost all of the replenishment products we sell are available at your local drugstore, although often at higher prices. If you factor in the shipping charges, we're sure that you'll find it more economical to shop locally for those small replenishment items. A box of bandaids is $8 at the store and although it's only $4 from us, consider that we have to charge shipping. With the surcharges, that box of bandaids can end up costing you $40. It costs us $35 to get it to you, all things considered.

So here's how we got around the accountants: when we get a small order, we hold it until we have enough of them to reach the minimum shipping requirements from our fulfillment house. Then we ship it to my personal home address, where I personally and individually split up the shipments and rebox them, then I personally drive them to the Post Office to send them out. This all takes a few extra days, so please be patient. I do this in the name of customer service. Play nice, though. When you're ordering supplies, add on a few pocket kits for your best employees to take home, or for their cars. We really don't like getting yelled at by our accountants!

Other Provinces

Each province and territory has their own regulations and unfortunately they're all different. Because we're in Ontario, we focus on Ontario WSIB-compliant kits, and kits which exceed the Canada Labour Code under the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act. These are all great kits, but they don't necessarily meet the requirements in your province exactly. We have developed stamdard kits for the other provinces, but fully customized ones don't yet meet OUR standards as being outstanding, no-compromise products. It's in the works, but it all takes time. In the meantime, please use the Canada Labour Code kits or contact us for custom product if you have a substantial requirement. We're working on it, though!

Privacy Policy & Security

We could write a bunch of quasi-legal mumbo-jumbo here, but here it is in a nutshell: Your contact and other information is NEVER passed on to anyone else without your specific request. We do occasionally send information about new products or programs to our client list, but you can tell us not to send you anything after the first such message.

We use a secure shopping cart system to safeguard your credit card information. After an order is processed, we delete the order from the cart system, and we only retain your credit card number on the paper or electronic record of the transaction provided by our merchant credit card supplier. If you become a regular repeat customer, we may ask permission to retain your information in our accounting system (QuickBooks) which is password protected and secure.

Reselling our products

Our mission is to sell First Aid kits. If you can help us to do so, we are happy to share the proceeds with you. You can work on commission, you can buy and resell, or we may even hire you and pay a salary if it's appropriate. But you have to be legitimate, and you have to live up to our ethical standards. Let's talk!

Not-for-profits and Charities

You have to understand that our business is all about supplying First Aid products. Many of our customers are institutional -- government agencies, church and other religious groups, schools, scouts, charities, etc. When an African AIDs relief agency asks for a donation, we reluctantly have to explain that this is how we make our living, and that we'll work with them on the cost but outright donations are not possible. Perhaps it would be clearer if we compared ourselves to an employee of a charitable group: they can't be expected to work for nothing either.

We do donate to charities. Our main charities of choice are the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Toronto Distress Centres.