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FACpak2™ Description

WD-08 thumbnail

WD-08 thumbnail
The new FACpak2 packaging. Lots of room in the drybag for your other stuff!

The motorcycle helmet is just there to show the size! It's not included in the kit!

The original FACpak™ was designed specifically for wilderness (backpacking/hunting/camping/fishing, etc.) applications. In fact, it was our first product, arising out of our own personal needs. We wanted something that was:

  • 100% waterproof
  • light weight
  • small
  • complete

We added a few products to address the main injuries suffered by motorcyclists (road rash and pipe burns) and called it the "FACpac-M". Outdoors people are not immune to burns and scrapes, so...

Our latest edition is called the "FACpak2™". We've combined both products into one and updated the contents.

When we designed it, we said, "no compromises, no shortcuts". We hope you NEVER have to use it, but if you're stuck with a medical emergency out in the bush or on the road, you'll be glad you have your FACpak2™ with you.

There are 3 kinds of wilderness/backpacking/hunting/camping/fishing first aid kits out there: (1) small, light and totally useless because there's nothing in them; (2) big, heavy and complete, also useless because you won't want to carry it with you every day and it does you no good if you leave it in camp; and the FACpak2™ which contains everything you're likely to need but won't break your back or fill your pack. As we said, we thought this out because we use them ourselves! You decide.

We decided that it needs to be 100% waterproof. We found a neat little yellow dry bag, then we went with a bit bigger red one because it only takes as much room as the stuff inside it. And as a bonus, it gives you a place to put other stuff that can't get wet. It's big enough for some of your small electronics, for instance, as well as your registration, insurance and ID, but it packs up as small as you want it.

We put a lot of stuff in there that we hope you'll never need -- but if you do, you'll be glad you had it. There's lots more top quality thinking and "stuff" in this kit.

We've also included a specific treatment product for abrasions and burns. Bactigras® is an impregnated non-adherent gauze dressing for the more severe areas until you can get to medical aid. And we added a "Call Police" banner and a CPR breather, just in case.

We don't think there's another kit out there that comes close to our FACpak2™.


Price: $59.95