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Eyewash Stations Description


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Cederroth Eyewash Station

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ECONO Eyewash station

Outstanding Eyewash Solutions

Our customers have recognized the importance of installing eyewash stations in industrial, shop and warehouse locations. Even in offices: where just changing the toner cartridge in a laser printer can cause harmful particles and contaminants that can get in one's eyes.

We have some traditional eyewash solutions, but recently we have added a superb, elegant product made by Cederroth in Sweden and we're making these available to our customers.

The Cederroth product is a 500mL bottle of sterile, buffered saline solution in an easily opened bottle with a twist-off top and an integrated eyecup. Here's a link to the manufacturer's spec. Also available, and recommended but not necessary, is their innovative wall mounting bracket (link). Twisting the bottle to remove it from the bracket opens the bottle and removes the dust shield.

This system has several advantages: it is dust protected, it prevents re-use of the eyewash (once it's opened, it's no longer sterile), it is neat and economical.

The Cederroth bottles are sold in packs of two. Shelf life is exceedingly long (about 4 years) and it's good to have two bottles on hand if you need to treat both eyes.

Note: the Cederroth eyewash bottle is ideal for use in vehicles as well. It's rugged and tightly sealed and dustproof. BUT NOT IN WINTER! It doesn't work if it's frozen solid!

We have several other eyewash station options available.

Our traditional eyewash products and refills are still available. We have an economical ECONO injection-moulded plastic unit with a mirror which holds the same 1L bottle (included). It is also designed to mount on a wall or vertical surface in an environment that does not see dust and dirt, such as an office or washroom.

Click on the photos to see additional details.

Occupational Health and Safety requirements for locations deemed more hazardous are more stringent. They require eyewash stations capable of supplying a continuous flow of water to flush out eyes over a longer period of time. These solutions are more complex but we can meet or exceed all Ministry guidelines.

Contact us for more elaborate eyewash setups.


Cederroth Eyewash combination including wall bracket and 2x500mL bottles of eyewash solution


Cederroth Wall mounting bracket only


Cederroth refills 2x500ml bottles of Eyewash Solution


Econo Eyewash Station Complete including bottle and 1L of Normal SALINE solution


Replacement eyewash bottle for Econo station (shipped empty)


Generic 1L bottle of Normal Saline Solution for Econo station