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Doggie First Aid Kits Description

Man's Best Friend is out there in the big dangerous world too! Maybe she steps on a piece of glass and cuts her paw. Or gets in an altercation with that cat next door. Or surprises a porcupine in the woods, or has a run-in with that guy on a motorcycle. Dogs need First Aid too!

How are they different from people (some think they're not!)? Well there's not many places you can stick a bandaid on a dog. Otherwise, they're a lot like you and me, only hairier. So a Doggie First Aid kit has a lot in common with a people First Aid kit, except we've added in some specialty products that work better for them. For instance, we put an expensive roll of Co-flex (similar to Vet-wrap) in our Doggie kits, and lots of non-adherent gauze pads and stretchy conforming gauze rolls, and...

So do your canine buddy a favour and keep a Doggie First Aid kit handy. And because we love dogs as much as you do, we're going to make a donation to "Helping Homeless Pets" for every kit you buy.

We have two different kits for you: a basic one and a deluxe one which has more stuff in it. Check them out!

PS: These are great for cats too!

Price: $20 - $30