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Custom Printed Labels How do we do it?

We have a partnership with a printer who can create full-colour printed labels on heavy, glossy peel-and-stick label stock at very reasonable cost, using 4/colour process on a regular printing press. We simply pass our cost on to the client. Here's how it works:

  • You give us your logo or artwork in electronic form.
    • We can accept a variety of formats (jpg, pdf, psd, tif, etc) but they have to be HIGH RESOLUTION for printing: at least the size you want, at 300dpi, in RGB or CMYK format.
  • We use Photoshop to edit or modify the label as required, and then lay it out on a sheet for printing.
    • We usually don't charge for the layout work or for stripping in your logo and some normal text, but if you want us to create a custom label with creative artwork, our charges are $100 per hour for pixel editing
  • We send it to the printer for production. He usually takes less than a week. He prints on 8½ x 11 sheets with multiple labels on it, at a cost of about $140 for 100 sheets. Pretty cheap!
  • We apply the labels to the kits and you have some beautiful, fully custom products to call your own!

Alternatively, we can produce a silk screen from your artwork and silkscreen directly on the kits. Some things to consider:

  • A silkscreen costs us about $80 to make.
  • The artwork for producing screens is picky. Either you already know how to do it or we have to pay someone to create it.
  • Each colour needs a separate screen. Each size needs a separate screen. We don't charge to lay the first one down but we charge about 10¢ per impression per additional colour. There may be custom ink-mixing charges.
  • We cannot match PMS colours exactly, but we can come fairly close.
  • No close register, no fine lines, no shades or half-tones.
  • It takes about 2 weeks to make the screen. We don't make them ourselves, we send it out.

Why do some people use silkscreens? Three reasons:

    • they don't like using labels
    • that's the traditional old way of doing it
    • larger quantities. When you do 500 kits, it's cheaper to use a screen than a label -- if it's only one colour, though!

Can we print on soft products, like bags and pouches?

  • No, we can't. Unless you order enough bags to make it economical to import them from the Far East. They have to be printed BEFORE they're manufactured and although there are local companies who can do that, they're exhorbitantly expensive.

Call or email, and let's talk about it!