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Cottage First Aid Kits Description
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If you have a cottage, vacation home, RV or boat, it's important to make it safe for your family and loved ones. You should be sure to have an appropriate First Aid kit on site, make sure that it's kept replenished and clean. Also ensure that everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

Ordering/Delivery/Payment information:

I live in the Haliburton Highlands, on Red Umbrella Road just off Highway 35, north of Minden. I try to keep some kits in stock here but since demand is high, I don't always have them. Normally we ship from our shop in Newmarket. It takes about a week to get them in if I run out, or we can ship them to you for the flat price of $12 (in Ontario) or $16 to other Provinces. It doesn't matter how many kits you order, same flat shipping price, so get together with your neighbours and order more than one! We don't charge for shipping if you pick up in Haliburton. (pickup in Newmarket is NOT available for these items). Please choose the appropriate shipping method on the shopping cart.

You can order online (below) or by telephone.

Prepayment is required for online orders. No debit cards, sorry.

We have several kits that are appropriate for cottage use. Here are the most popular ones.

If you have any questions, we're just a phone call or an email away.

  Item Description Price Quantity
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Economy Household First Aid kit
(click here for contents list)
OUR BEST small First Aid kit
(exceeds Ontario WSIB Regulations)
(click here for contents list)

OUR BEST medium First Aid kit
(for the larger cottage, more than 5 people)
(exceeds Ontario WSIB Regulations)
(click here for contents list)

OUR BEST Outdoor/ATV/Boating/Wilderness First Aid kit
(click here for more details)
(click here for contents list)
CD in picture is only for size reference OUR BEST automotive First Aid kit
(Exceeds Ontario WSIB regulations)
(click here for contents list)
DOGGIE (or cat!) First Aid kits
(click here for more details and order this item from that page)