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CLC-BD Replenishment Description
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Replenish your CLC-BD First Aid Kit

Every month, by law, you have to inspect and replenish your First Aid Kit(s). This page is designed to make it easy for you to do so.

  • Open your kit and throw away anything that's opened, dirty or outdated (the chemical products like wipes have expiry dates on them).
  • If your kit is about 2/3 full or less, it will be cheaper to buy a complete refill than to buy individual products.
    • If the box is not clean or is damaged, click here to order a whole new CLC-BD kit
    • If the box is clean and undamaged, click here to order a CLC-BD refill.
  • Otherwise, inspect and count what's in your kit and compare it with the checklist below. If you're short anything, you can type the quantity into the order column at right. You will have the chance to edit the items again once you're in the Shopping Cart.

Print this page to use it as a handy checklist.

If you have any questions, we're just a phone call or an email away.

Item Required
Price Quantity
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NEW! WD Consumables Pack!
Save almost 40% over individual items.

Contains the following items:

  • 1" tape
  • 100 plastic bandages
  • 12 fabric bandages
  • 12 fingertip bandages
  • 12 knuckle bandages
  • 24 BZK wipes
  • 10 sanitizer wipes
  • 12 Nitrile gloves
#2 metal First Aid box (empty) 1   $56.00
1" Spooled Adhesive tape 2   $3.90/ea
3" Elastic Bandage roll 1   $2.10/ea
1" Gauze Rolls (refill:12/pack) 6   $4.48/pk
2" Gauze Rolls (refill:8/pack) 4   $7.80/pk
3" Conforming Gauze Rolls 6   $1.60/ea
4" Gauze Rolls (refill:8/pack) 4   $13.44/pk
4" sterile gauze pads (refill: 25/pack) 52   $9.54/pk
3"x5" Compress bandage (refill: 4") 2   $2.35/ea
Triangular Bandages 40"x40" Muslin, (refill: 3/pack) 6   $4.95/pk
Plastic Bandaids (refill:100/box) 48   $5.40
Fabric Bandaids, 1x3 (refill: 12/pack) 24   $2.90/pk
Fingertip Bandages, Large (refill: 12/pack) 6   $3.50/pk
Knuckle Bandages (refill: 12/pack) 6   $4.25/pk
Cotton-tipped swabs (refill: 12/pack) 10   $1.14/PK
BZK Antiseptic Towelettes (refill: 24/pack) 30   $6.88/PK
Buy a box of 100 BZK's and SAVE$     $9.99/BOX
Hand Cleansing Towelettes (refill: 10/pack) 6   $1.72/PK
Sting Stop Prep Pads (refill: 12/pack)   24     UNAVAILABLE
First Aid Cream, 25ml tube 1   $4.15/EA
Liquid Antiseptic, 250ml bottle 1   $4.65/EA
Cold Pack, Large, 4x10, one-time usage 1   $2.35/EA
CPR Mask, one-way valve 1   $19.50/EA
Forceps, 4.5" sharp Stainless Steel 1   $3.95/EA
Lister Bandage Scissors 1   $5.25/EA
Safety pins, 12-pack 1   $1.90/EA
Nitrile Gloves LARGE (refill: 6/pack) 8   $4.14/PK
Buy a box of 100 gloves and SAVE$     $22.49/BOX
Aluminium Wire Splint 1   $5.85/EA
Splint PaddingRolls 2   $1.92/EA
Eye Pad & Shield 1   $4.95/EA
Printed First Aid Guide booklet 1   $1.50/EA
First Aid reporting forms 1   $9.99/EA
Other items you might like to add to your First Aid Station Price Quantity
Economy Eyewash station with bottle & saline solution $39.95
Cederroth Deluxe Eyewash station with two bottles $85.00
Cederroth Bandage Dispenser $49.95
    Cederroth Plastic Bandage Refills (box of 6 x 45 assorted) $59.95
    Cederroth Fabric Bandage Refills (box of 6 x 40 assorted) $74.95
Commercial Kitchen Burn Kit $34.95
Set of 4 pocket "Ouch" kits $19.95
St. John's Ambulance First Aid Manual $59.95
Polysporin ointment, 15g tube $19.97